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Previous Competitions

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Vivian Double who won our Chimnea!

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Elizabeth Gregory who won a 4 ball and stay in a local hotel at Royal Ashdown Forest Golf Course (West Course)!

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Mark Matthews who won our Easter Egg!

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Anna Tebbs who won a fantastic Sardinia Family sporting holiday!

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to our winner Rachael Buckley.

Congratulations to Alumudena Francisco, Sabina Kosek, June Cruden and Tracey Scotney who each won a nutritional consultation with Stephanie at The Allergy and Free From Show. 

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to our winners Emeline Shears, @aishBABKK, and Esme McCrubb.

Congratulations to David Ford and Jonathan Stewart who won a place in our Celeb Charity Golf Day! The three runners up were Michael Douglas, Elias Cacador and Marcus Gardiner, who each won a 4 ball round at The Royal Ashdown Golf Course.

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Hannah on Twitter who won our Mystery Christmas Hamper!

Congratulations to Sally Letts and Anna Diamandoulis who each won a break with Long Valley Yurts at their beautiful base in Cumbria AND a free pack of sausages! 

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Jason Swainson who won our Fresher's Survival Kit!

Congratulations to Melanie Burton, Jackie ONeill, Anne Howe and Karen Usher who have each won a debbie&andrew’s Beach Hut Break at Walton on the Naze. The perfect base for a lovely day out and somewhere you tuck into a delicious picnic with lots of sausage sarnies of course!


This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Samantha Child who won our Summer Sizzler Hamper including our Summer Amazon Products!

Thank you for all the entries to our Allergy Awareness Week competition! Congratulations to Debra Russell, Paul Pratt, Naomi Ozmen, Lynne Brown, Rose Davis, Mrs Kirstie Robson, Mike Steward, Melissa Davis, Lynne Barlow, Mellanie Forster, Ellisa Cobb, Simon Peck, Sharon Bell, Ms Sidders, Sylvia Freezer, Adam Bradbury, Jenny Walling, Alexandra Barton, Yemaya Marsden who all won our new 'debbie&andrew's presents Free from & Full of Flavour Recipes by Ceri Jones' and two packs of our new Caramelised Red Onion Sausages

This competition is now closed. Gary Kan and James Fellows were the lucky winners, who joined the debbie&andrew's team, Mike Tindall and Ray Parlour at our second Charity Golf Day! For more details, click here.

Congratulations to Twitterer Emma Coleman who has won our Easter prize, and Facebook fan Sam A Diederich who has won the runners up prize! Victoria Eggs do the most gorgeous British designed and made homeware - have a look here!

This competition is now closed. Congrats to Mrs Pamela Quinn, Tina Cleveland and Laura Farren who each won a fab BBQ Kit including our BBQ Bumper Packs!

Congratulations to Katherine Thomson and Karen Wolfenden who have each won a debbie&andrew’s Beach Hut Break at St Annes. Fresh air, fabulous views and a sea front base to brew their tea and sizzle up their own sausage sarnies is all theirs!

This competition is now closed. Congratulations Laura Bishop for winning the outdoor dining set of 2 drinking bottles with straw, 2 drinking jars with straw, 4 x plates, 4 x cups, 4 x bowls, Cutlery and Tablecloth and runner ups who each win a goody bag: Vicky Reynolds, Diane Smith and Gemma Lane!

Congratulations to Stephen Yates and Hannah Chihuahua who won an awesome apron and tea towel from our favourite British designer Victoria Eggs, as well as free sausages, a recipe book and little wellington boot herb pots!

This competition is now closed. Huge congratulations to Suzanne Gaulton who won the super Glamping prize, and Joanna Ludlow, Margaret Farmer, Penny Russell, Louise Crocker, Richard Tyler and Suzanne Critchley who all won family tickets to pitch their own tents!

We celebrated the launch of our Family Perfect Pork Packs with a competition to win just what you need to make your own Perfect Big Bakes! Congratulations to Helen Cooper and Janet MacDowell who won a Le Creuset Casserole Dish, recipe book, and family size packs of Perfect Pork Sausages to make the Perfect Big Sausage Bakes.

This competition is now closed. Congrats to Luis Mendes who won a firepit from the competition that ran across amazing magazines like Woman's Own, Marie Claire, Ideal Home and Rugby Life.

Lucky winners Sandra Bald, Lacy Savage, Ray Loveridge and Carol Middleton each won a stay in a luxurious bell tent courtesy of Bath Bell Tents! Have a fabulous time.

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Gill Nutt who won a firepit and goody bag!

Congratulations to Ann Hill and Elizabeth Wragg who won 2 cute pie tins and Perfect Pork Sausages! Thank you for all the entries.

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Larissa Sheppard who won the coolest way to make a Full English all in one go!

Fancy a go at sleeping under the stars? Lucky winners Jack Lindley and Jeffrey Corrin each won a stay in a luxurious bell tent, pitched ready for their arrival!

This fabulous mid-week four day bell tent experience with Long Valley Yurts is at their beautiful base in Cumbria - we can't wait to see the photos and hope they enjoy their free debbie&andrew's sausages!



This competition is now closed. Huge congratulations to Jane Chadwick, Sarah Leaning, Katherine De Riera, Jeremy Andrews, Mrs J young, Kirstin,  Rebecca Beesley, Janet Bartlett, Sam Furniss, Lee Davis, Helena Clark, Melanie Holmes, Mary Burrows, Rhiannon Sian Malden, Sue Buckman, Laura Sessions, Debbie Southwell, Rachel Louise Taylor, Lorna Hardaker, and Joe Clarke who each won debbie&andrew's recipe books and vouchers for free yummy sausages!

We teamed up with Paleo Polly to show how Harrogate 97% Pork Sausages can help as part of the popular Paleo Diet (see our fantastic hints and tips here). To celebrate, we gave away 3 Perfect Paleo Packs: 3 packs of debbie&andrew’s Harrogate 97% Pork Sausages, a Spiraliser (from Juice Land UK) and the brilliant Nom Nom Paleo Recipe Book!
Congratulations to Geraldine O'Gorman, Beth Bowdler and Fiona Thompson, who each won a prize!

This competition is now closed. 

Walking is super popular as a healthy way of losing weight and getting fit, so Women’s Health joined with us in January to put some welly into your New Year ‘feeling fit’ regime.

Sadie Lewis won a year’s worth of welly good walks at any of English Heritage’s properties and put ‘A Real Taste of the Country’ into her fitness regime!

English Heritage offers unlimited access to more than 400 historic sites across the UK, including 23 historic gardens, 66 castles, 7 palaces and 3 medieval villages to walk in and around. With so many stunning places to stroll through and a sizzling sausage supper to come home to, this prize f provides many inspiring reasons to get fit and fabulous in 2016.

The winner of the Firepit competition is Facebook fan Claire Marshall Wilks! Thank you to everyone who entered!

This competition is now closed. Congrats to Barry Rayner and Delroy Gughrill who each won a gorgeous pie tin set from Falcoln Enamel and a debbie&andrew's goody bag!

Festive hamper

This competition has now closed. Congratulations to the winners of the fabulous mini hamper of debbie&andrew's Sausages, Rowse Honey and recipe book! Fergus Sutherland, Rebecca Miles, Samantha Fernley, Roger Goodchild, Hannah Whitling, Rebecca Battle, Ian Whitehead, V Prescott, Tom Seaman, Maria Parton, Kathryn Russell, John Kidd, Richard Baxter, Dana Manning, Cathryn Bowen, Teresa Stevenson, Kate Deakin, Martin Long, Clive Pulley, Jane Marsh, Sarah Bond, Andrew Wilson, Craig Yeomans, Dawn Wilkinson, Dianne Parrinder, Tracy Mortimer Wray, Richard Dobinson, Sara Coyne, Ian Ryder and Chloe Bates.

Also congrats to the runners up: Ann Whitehead, Anthony Mann, Helen Tovell, Alan Bayley, Isobelle Forde, Miles Warner, Malcolm Drew, Anne Wilson, Dave Lister, Sue Cooper, Adrian Dugdale, Euan Vivash, Alan Bateman, Jennifer Glass, Sue Parker, Kalie-Dee Jones, Rena Plumridge, Maxine Edwards, Julie Clark and Nicola Wilson.

Congratulations to Sharon Coggan Young who won a Juiceland Tribest Personal Blender PB350, the perfect tool to create a happy, healthy breakfast. We had some fantastic healthy tips submitted by all the healthy sausage fans - have a look here to for some healthy inspiration! Also congrats to our runners up who each won a voucher for one pack of debbie&andrew’s sausages and a mini recipe book: Sandra Clough, Erika Neale, Gemma Massey, Wendy Layton :-)

This competition is now closed - congratulations to Katharine Phillips, Emma Piperno, Nicola Jones and Naomi Buchan who have all won a fabulous Beach Hut break, and to Lindsay Bond who won our runners up prize of a firepit!

Congratulations to Liz Keiran, Lorraine Bolloch, Julie Lawrence, Pamela Hutchinson, Cherry Edwards, Veryann Golesworthy, Fern Jelley Tzamarias-Luker, Carol Adams, Rose Darnbrough, Jenny Bagworth; we hope you enjoyed your Christmas gift! We sent out wrapped gifts of a voucher for a free pack and any one of the following prizes, allocated at random: 2 x mugs, 1 x apron, 3 x recipe books, 2 x herb welly pots and 2 x cool bags!

Thank you to everyone who entered our recipe poll! It was great to see your favourite sausage meals, from good old sausage sarnies, gourmet cassoulets or hearty pastas. Congratulations to Brian Spedding who won a day at our photoshoot and sausages, and to our five runners up Adam Corner, Georgina Orton, Karen Ries, Elizabeth Vickers and Richard Lawrence who won a fab debbie&andrew's Goody Bag!

Huge congrats to Jo Jackson, Eva Trelfa, Sarah Capps, William Bellis, Andrew Rodwell and Philipa Hartley who each won a glamping trip from Glamponolgy!

Whether you’re a mum or dad treating the kids to a family camping trip or a group of friends looking for a weekend away, glamping is just the ticket. All our winners have to do is pick a campsite within an hour of Bath, turn up, and find a luxurious bell tent – pitched ready for their arrival! 


This competition is now closed - congratulations to all 103 winners, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for winner details! (it is a long list!)

Many thanks to Feather Down Farms for their fabulous farm stay prizes, Good to Be Outdoors for their lovely British wellies, Rocket Gardens for beautiful window boxes, and Chicken Coops Direct Farms for the perfect chicken homes!

This competition is now closed, and House to Home have picked the winner! This competition had over 22k entries!

This competition is now closed - congratulations to Colleen Thomas, Joyce Willis, Frances Dilks, Andy Lambie , Simon Hardy, winners of SportFest 2014 Family Tickets and Free Sausage vouchers!

Many thanks to SportFest for hosting our winning families, and have a look at our Pinterest page for all the snaps!

This competition is now closed, huge congratulations to L Anne Young who won a Chicken Coop for her back garden! We wanted to bring the countryside to a lucky fan, with eggs fresh from your back garden! Our Facebook fans posted their Full English breakfast photos to enter - have a look here!

This competition is now closed - congratulations to Rebecca van Someren and Emily Warnes, winners of Wychwood Festival tickets and Free Sausage vouchers!

We encouraged our fans to 'grow their own' in the Autumn; our well loved and cute herb welly pots come with seeds, and lucky winner Rebecca Sarah Smith won a set!

This competition is now closed - congratulations to Leigh Larkin, Amelia Avossa, Nicola Booth, Kay Leigh, Beth Crunden, Jane Townsend, John Harte, Danielle McArthur, Kirsty Mills and Coralie Pearson! - winners of Victoria Eggs apron and teatowel and free sausages!

What rugby fan wouldn't jump at the chance to dine with Rugby World Cup legends!? Lucky Helen and Chris Baker joined us at a swanky meal to celebrate - see what happened here!


This competition is now closed - congratulations to the winner John Stylianou; and the runners up: Katy Hacket, Marion Alderson, Jane Barlow, Jenny Barr, Ann Scarborough, Holly Emerson, Rachel White, Tracy Steer, Paula Harvey, Catherine Killen, Sarah Hartley, Kayleigh Bryan, Alison McBride, Kristin Burdsall, Davina Williams, Renata Mucha, Linda Guest, Sue Rowledge, Sonja Kientsch Harris, Yasmin Matin

Thank you to FirePitsUk for the fabulous prize!

From the away game drivers to the fixture list fixers, every amateur rugby club relies on volunteers to keep their men’s, women’s, youth and minis teams going. People contribute their time and effort every week to ensure everything runs smoothly – and Rugby World Magazine helped us recognise and reward these individuals with an Unsung Rugby Heroes Award. 

Tony Clegg, was nominated by his friend Bill Harrison. "Tony is a steward at Heathfield and Waldron Rugby Club, Heathfield, East Sussex. He has never had a day off, he checks the grounds; cleans showers, changing rooms, bar, and if he has time will paint where it needs it." What a star Tony!




This competition is now closed - congratulations to Sarah Lewis, Charlotte Clavier, Zoe Payne, Nicky Stevens and Andy Wedge, winners of our debbie&andrew's Mexican Inspired Goody Bags.

We asked you what would inspire your sausage flavour? A childhood favourite? Regional produce? Your holidays abroad? Maybe ginger, dried figs, or marmalade? Or perhaps you prefer Thai style, with a drop of honey or some spicy heat! With the help of Andy, we’re gave you the chance to have your dream sausage made. And the lucky winner was Kathryn Glynn - see the story here!


We asked you what you to rustle up in the kitchen using debbie&andrew’s sausages! Our favourite recipes were from Sarah Cooper and Claire Edwards, who won tickets for the Taste of London! Have a look at our Pinterest photos here.


Craft beer and bangers! Winner Charlotte Hood, Set Duke, Mrs P Bushell-Hamby and Claire Fawkner all won Andy Bates' favourite East London Five Points Brewing Co beers and some of our sausages!

This competition is now closed - congratulations to John Forster, John Paul McGee, Mrs Martin, Michaela Turner, Fiona Pearson, winners of our debbie&andrew's Goody Bags. 

Overlooking St Annes Beach, Melanie Slater won a 3 night stay in this stylish new apartment. Each apartment offers the luxury and comfort you would expect from a 5 star hotel with the space and personalised touches you can only find in a bespoke self-catering property.

This competition is now closed - congratulations to Debbie Skerten, winner of our fabulous Thread Friends embroidery!

This competition is now closed. As there were so many winners (hundreds!) for this competition, please contact us for winners names.

This competition is now closed - congratulations to John Thompson, Liz Barratt, Lesley Prestage, Tressa Herriott, Sally Hay! - winners of a pair of designer wellington boots from Wellieart!