debbie & andrew's have put its fans centre stage in the new advertising campaign launched in October. Supporters of debbie & andrew's were asked to suggest their favourite days out and meals to match, using the website. 'Chilly Days & Hot Dogs' and 'Perfect Weekends & Perfect Breakfasts' were then chosen as the perfect pairing for our campaign.

Perfect Weekends & Perfect Breakfasts

Shot in a cozy farmhouse in North Essex, this ad featured an ‘everybody together’ breakfast (starring debbie & andrew’s Perfect Pork sausages) as the favourite moment from a perfect weekend in the country.

The weekend included sharing long splashy walks with family and friends (wearing debbie & andrew’s signature wellies of course), then home to toast toes in front of the fire followed by a visit to the local pub. The idea was the idea of a very hospitable lady called Lisa.

The more the merrier was the theme with lots of relaxing time out for the adults as well as plenty of country fun for the kids. The only problem was that the littlest person present at the photoshoot couldn’t wait for all the photos to be taken before she could tuck in to all the delicious debbie & andrew’s sausages!

Chilly Days & Hot Dogs


This ad features the Sussex coast near Chichester and shows a favourite day out which starts with a bracing beach walk (wearing debbie & andrew’s signature wellie boots) and ends up at a Beach hut for tea with sizzling debbie & andrew’s sausages roasted over a camp fire. This is an annual day out was suggested by a group of friends who were at university together and who star in some of the shots – with thanks to Toby, Andrea, Toby and Emily! Having two Toby’s together wasn’t the only confusing part of the shoot. In fact it all took place on the hottest day this summer, despite reproducing the chilly winter’s day that was the winning suggestion. It is always odd arranging photoshoots since it is necessary to work six months in advance. So everyone got very hot and couldn’t wait for the evening to come when it was cooler. Then they were asked them to pose in front of a blazing hot camp fire instead! The prize however, was tucking into the props, which were smelling superb as they sizzled away over the open fire. So everyone worked hard for their supper and the pictures worked out brilliantly.

Alongside our new advert, you can also find a 50p off coupon in Tesco Magazine for our Harrogate 97% Pork Sausages, and one for Perfect Pork Sausages in Sainsbury's Magazine, instore now!