As champions of the countryside, debbie & andrew’s make sausages that are family favourites nationwide. debbie & andrew’s is delighted to announce the launch of an innovative micro-sponsorship programme to support local, parish-level projects, activities or events held in rural areas.

Micro-sponsorship applications can be for sums from £50 to £1,000 with preference going to applications for funds of under £500. The total available to be invested over 12 months is £10,000. The micro-sponsorships aim to provide seed money for projects that are too small to attract other funds and which benefit the countryside or rural communities. The projects must run between August 2013 and June 2014 with allocations being awarded in three monthly intervals from August. Every successful micro-sponsorship will also be provided with up to £150 of debbie & andrew’s produce for use in fund raising, team teas, launch events or socials. So, whether it is a village fête in need of sizzling sausages for a charity barbeque, a youngster’s football team running thin on kit or a much needed re-vamp for the church hall, debbie & andrew’s micro-sponsorships aim to help.

debbie & andrew’s is the name behind sausages such as Harrogate 97%, Perfect Pork and Sicilian. These farm-inspired sausages are a firm family favourite and are available nationwide. But this success has only been possible through support from the British farms who provide the prime cuts of meat used in all of debbie & andrew’s products. With this strong farm-based inheritance, debbie & andrew’s knows what it is like to be a part of a countryside community and now want to support projects which bring benefit to such communities.

To qualify for the sponsorship each nomination must be supported by at least 50 local people or relate to a project that involves a minimum of 10 people. If you believe your community could take advantage and benefit from this exciting opportunity, register for an application pack via www.debbie & andrew’