Sometimes only on-line shopping will do! It’s a time thing, a ‘can’t face the shops’ thing or - for sausage devotees - it is a ‘buy debbie&andrew’s at one click’ thing.

This is thanks to Ocado introducing five of the most popular debbie&andrew’s sausages which is very happy news for fans! The popularity of debbie&andrew’s
gluten-free-best-sausage-sandwichcomes from a commitment to good, old fashioned quality only using select cuts of British Pork so that every mouthful of every sausage provides ‘a Real Taste of the Country’.

With Ocado, it is now possible not only to add the meaty Harrogate 97% Pork Sausage to your on-line order (ideal for those on wheat, gluten and dairy free or
paleo diets), but also order our multi-award winning Perfect Pork Sausages and Perfect Cumberland Sausages, studded with pink and green peppercorns for that subtle hit of heat that sets off the succulent pork so well. For everyday value, Ocado is also stocking debbie&andrew’s new Butcher’s Classic range including Pork and Cumberland sausages, with all the taste you’d expect at a value price that’s particularly welcome.

Unbeatable for breakfast, delicious for lunch, tempting at tea time and super for supper, our sausages make filling meals whether served alongside a fresh egg and bacon, simply in sarnies, brilliantly on bbq’s or as part of a heart-warming, tummy-filling sausage stew!  With Ocado, you now have a simple click and sizzle solution for mealtimes!