Are you fundraising for Coeliac UK this May?

awareness-week-walksCoeliac UK, the leading charity for sufferers of coeliac disease, has launched Coeliac Awareness Week running 11th - 17th May. 1% of the UK population suffers from coeliac disease, but most people remain undiagnosed. If you think you are coeliac, try the new is it coeliac disease? website to see if a diagnosis will improve your symptoms.

The charity needs funds to continue to care for coeliacs. If you are fundraising for Coeliac UK, please apply to us below and we will help you go further. Whether you are you looking for sponsorship for your Awareness Week Walk, Mudnificent Sevencycling event or gluten free dinner party - apply now! 

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We think the food industry can play an important role in supporting people who suffer from coeliac disease. From clear allergen labelling, advice for coeliacs, free from recipe inspiration, publicity and exciting new products, this micro-sponsorship extends our effort to help.

Coeliacs love debbie&andrew’s

Coeliacs often tell us how tricky it is to find ‘ready-made’ meat products in the supermarket, and how pleased they are to have found our Harrogate 97% sausages. Cooked as they come, or taken out of their skins as meatballs or mince, fans find them amazingly versatile.caroline-quentin-tweet

With our new Caramelised Red Onion Sausages, there are even more reasons to celebrate for debbie&andrew’s gluten free fans, even Coeliac UK patron Caroline Quentin loves them!

Some recent comments:

"They have a wonderful flavour and stay very tender (even when oven-baking). I'm so pleased to have found a product that, not ony tastes great, but is safe for my diet." Liz

"I have coeliac disease and discovered your Harrogate 97% sausages earlier this year in my local Tesco.  My husband and I absolutely love them as the only other gluten free sausages we have found have been overseasoned." Wendy

"I am pleased to tell you that we are very excited about your sausages as your Gluten freeness means that my daughter can still enjoy one of her favourite foods since being diagnosed Coeliac." Kim

"Just had to let you know!! What a find your wonderful sausages are. I am a coeliac these taste like the good old days before I was diagnosed! They taste fantastic!! I shall be recommending them to the coeliac forum!! Thanks again" Debbie x

“My son eats your sausages -firstly because they are delicious and secondly because they help prevent his epilepsy because they are gluten, casein, soya and maize free - please never consider compromising the recipe!” Sarah and Joubin

Food inspiration

If you are recently diagnosed and finding your way round the gluten free landscape, perhaps Natural Chef Ceri Jones has some inspiration for you here or here.