Red Tractor has kicked off the summer season, with a Great British BBQ Bonanza! You may have already been enjoying some of the spring weather in your gardens – we certainly have! You could even win a family set of VIP tickets to The Big Feastival when you enter here!    

As soon as there is the slightest hint of sunshine, our fans can’t help but drag  barbeques from the shed for some alfresco dining (photos from Twitter fans Liz Ferguson @dune_lark and Jacqueline Midmore @ FussyFlours)! When sprucing your bbq up for the rest of the season you could give the scrubbing a miss and try using half an onion to clean the grill. This eco friendly option originates from Mexico and sounds so much easier!

If you think that the mouthwatering aromas wafting over your neighbours fences are amazing we bet you could do better! By adding rosemary, sage or thyme to the charcoal it will give your food a smoky, herby flavour and the air will smell fantastic! You could even throw some lavender on as it’s known for keeping the insects away.

If you’ve forgotten to buy firelighters just reach for the tortilla chips instead! Tortilla chips make excellent barbecue kindling, as they are oily and fire-friendly - who would have thought?

If you are spending a lazy, long evening outside this summer and making the most of a delicious sausage supper, why not try smoking your sausages over an indirect heat, instead of over a flame, for even more flavour. You could keep warm into the early hours by winning one of our fire pits! This May we have teamed up with Country Living Magazine, giving you the chance to win one of two fire pits or a goody bag.

Don’t leave starting the barbecue to the last minute, as it needs to be lit well ahead of time, as charcoal will take up to 30 minutes to get up to the correct cooking heat. So if you’re not prepared, you could end up with a lot of hungry guests!

Our Best Ever Sausage Sarnie is pretty special when cooked on the barbeque, but instead of sticking to just burgers and sausages you could try being a little more adventurous. Kebabs are always a winner with the kids, and sometimes a tasty salad does the trick like our gluten free Halloumi and Sausage Salad. For dessert, it just has to be a whole banana split in the middle and topped with Toblerone. Trust us, its sticky, warm and utterly moreish.

If it ends up being a washout, don't despair just move everything indoors or into the garage instead!

Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook for #RedTractorBBQ tips and competitions. We are looking for your sausage song suggestions for our BBQ SpotiFRY playlist. Big Grills Don't Fry, Saveloy-ttle Prayer for Me...can you do better?!