Quest for the Best BBQ with Andy Bates
Andy Bates, the award winning TV chef and champion of British food has presented three TV series which follow the global street food trends and highlight modern twists on a variety of classic dishes. Now this London-based street food expert, chef and presenter is encouraging everyone to ‘quest for the best’ in everything they eat – especially in everyday food. “I want to encourage people to explore what makes something taste good,” says Andy. “I think it is important to use fresh, quality ingredients and also to understand where they come from”. The campaign focuses on sausages and is being supported by us!

debbie & andrews BBQ flatbreadWith a few drops of summer left, and the last Big Bank Holiday of course, Andy is helping you host his ultimate BBQ. Whether in the heart of the town or the furthest reaches of the country, come summertime, rain or shine - the BBQ is the centre of celebrations and the main inspiration for shared food. Andy creates a guide to the perfect flaming feast…what to drink, what accompaniments work well and how to get the best out of barbecued food.

Says Andy, “The popularity of British food, recipes and celebrations continues to grow. You really pick it up on the street in cities, with the surge in farmers markets, the growth of seasonal food festivals and the interest in good, well-made food. I want to encourage food producers to maintain their commitment to the highest standards. That’s what the Quest for the Best is all about.”