perfect pork

debbie&andrew’s are cooking up a one-off gluten free flavour especially for British Sausage Week! We took inspiration for this sausage from the garden of England – the beautiful county of Kent. Happy pigs snuffling under trees bent with the weight of ripe Bramley apples sparked the idea for creating a sausage with the apple compote built in. Being partial to a drop, we also added in a splash of cider for good measure too.

This sausage, though we say it ourselves, is a bit special – and probably best kept for the grown ups! It’s a fun sausage that is a feast to eat, but it also pays proper respect to the long tradition of serving pork and apples together in a mouthwatering combination.

debbie&andrew’s tasting panel said this “is a course mixed sausage with a proper meaty flavour and a real zing from the cider all brilliantly balanced by the sweet apple – always a perfect partner for pork!”

The history of Kent shows the county is as unique and individual as the sausage it has inspired. The county motto ‘Invicta’ means ‘undefeated’ and was adopted in the 11th century to mark Kent’s success at fighting off the invading Normans. This hearty new sausage is worthy of the name and will certainly keep the descendants of those ancient Kentish folk full and well fortified for the winter ahead.