Our Butcher's Classic range has been created to offer a high meat content 'everyday value' debbie & andrew's sausage. This is for sausage fans looking for an everyday price, who expect quality ingredients with no sacrifice in meat content. Our original products (Harrogate 97% Pork Sausages, Sicilian Pork Sausages and Perfect Pork sausages) contain prime cuts coarsely chopped in a natural casing, whereas Butcher's Classic products are less coarse meat in a collagen casing.


It’s time for a twirl with the latest new sausage to come from debbie & andrew’s. This time it is a butcher’s classic Cumberland, but made the way only debbie & andrew’s can, using the finest quality pork belly. This Cumberland sausage takes a traditionally circular turn back to its roots, mixing chunky meat with green and pink peppercorns to give a simple hit of spice to highlight the sweetly delicious pork. It’s certainly a plate full but one that’s a perfect pleasure to eat.

The Cumberland sausage harks back to a great moment in British food history, when the East India Company imported pepper back from the colonies in such quantity that it finally became an everyday item lending its distinct flavour to many popular foods. The butcher’s classic from debbie & andrew’s has a distinctly peppery bite that bows to the history of this fine sausage.

The Taste Test: the tasting panel comment: “a properly pepped up Cumberland that is feisty not firey, with chunky bites of meatiness that explode with flavour”.


This latest introduction from debbie & andrew’s takes inspiration from the days when every local butcher produced a simple but much loved pork sausage. The process is simple – and very debbie & andrew’s – taking top quality meat and just adding simple seasoning. The art is getting to keep the texture of the meat quite chunky and not too smooth as well as using top notch ingredients. That’s the definition of a butcher’s classic and sums up what makes an impeccable pork sausage.

The aim for debbie & andrew’s butcher’s classic was to create the perfect pork sausage to feed family and friends. Wholesome, tasty and filling it should make a hearty meal. Born from country appetites, this humble sausage is great straight, thrust into a hunk of crusty bread with a large dollop of brown or red sauce. But its meaty taste is also great for sausage stew – or for old time’s sake why not try it in a traditional toad in the hole!

The Taste Test: the tasting panel commented: “the taste of times gone by, when sausages were meaty, tomatoes earthily sweet and bacon sizzled and spat. This sausage is a trip down memory lane”.

Flavour first

debbie & andrew’s promise no short cuts, no cheat ingredients, no long supply chains, just great meat, simply minced and mixed with the best ingredients to deliver real flavour. The idea is to deliver great tasting food made with a real countryside flavour. Real country food reflects the passing of the seasons as well as regional food histories and harvests traditional to where livestock farms are based.