We appreciate feedback so much from our customers.  So, when we launched our Caramelised Red Onion Sausages in Asda, ten lucky debbie&andrew’s “superfans” were sent VIP packs so they could give them a try!

Here is the feedback so far!

“I have just tried one of debbie&andrew’s NEW delicious Pork and Caramelised Red Onion Sausages AMAZING! bursting with flavour!”
Ian Ansell

“Well all I can say is a wow and a new dinner recipe for the family xx Tonight we created kebabs using your caramelised red onion sausages. They were so amazing we nearly argued over the last one :-) a new family favourite, thank you xxx"
Melanie Gibbard
“Did I mention how much I love your gluten free sausages, especially Sunday mornings with a huge dollop of gluten free brown sauce :-)”
Claire Ridgway 
Clare Ridgway CRO debbie andrews
We also had some lovely reviews on our favourite blogs:

caramelised-red-onion-pork-fighting-fifty"Somehow we managed to eat both packs in one sitting – and that was just two of us!  I honestly don't think I have ever tasted a more delicious sausage! Both my mother and daughter have since told me that they regularly buy debbie&andrew's sausages because they are totally reliable, I know I will be from now on.”




debbie andrews sausages blogged"Sweet, succulent and tasty. Too sweet for a sausage sandwich, but would be perfect with red wine gravy. I'll definitely buy these in future.  Sadly they've a high syn value, I think I calculated them at 8 syns each, but they're a treat worthy of the syns.”
Come Dine with Rach

“debbie&andrew’s, who created the 97% gluten and wheat free pork sausage, have just launched a brand new flavour….caramelised onion! They were also kind enough to keep out that pesky gluten! Tasty sausages all round!

Now you may not believe that a small dash of flavour can make any difference but it can! These sausages escalated the classic sausages sandwich, revolutionised bangers and mash, and made one delightfully tasty stew. They just add a new dimension of flavour, which is delicious.”
Gorgeously GF

1debbie andrews sausages

"Their gluten free caramelised red onion sausages went down an absolute storm with us. I used them in a tomato and sausage pasta recipe from the cute little booklet they sent me – there were clean plates all around. If you see these sausages in the supermarket I urge you to pick up a packet!”
Something Sweet Something Savoury

Caroline Quentin  also declared they were "delish” and Eating & Living Gluten Free describes them as succulent and oozing with flavour. Daily Mail  declared them "delicious to boot", and Woman and Home said they included "seriously high quality meat". 

Free From Foods Matter  said "The red onion is caramelised in balsamic vinegar, giving a nice, rich, sticky goo to the outside of the sausages". Eat In Magazine said "allergy sufferers can enjoy a banger on the barbie with these sausages which are wheat, gluten and dairy free". 
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