Our new Caramelised Red Onion and Pork Sausage is ‘A Real Taste of the Country’, and is the perfect solution for those with wheat, gluten or dairy intolerances to indulge in a delicious sausage that won’t cause problems. Research* shows everyone loves pork and caramelised red onion; in fact it is regularly voted one of the UK’s top five most favourite sausages. Now there is a debbie&andrew’s version, perhaps it will even make the top spot!

Ours are different; everything is prepared from scratch, nothing is brought in pre-cooked and no short cuts are taken.

How do we do it?

We pan fry our red onions perfectly to ensure they are caramelised for a really deep flavour, adding muscovado sugar to bring out the natural sticky sweetness as the onion reduces. To really get the taste buds going, Balsamic vinegar is added towards the end of the process, darkening the onions and lending added depth of taste.


As for the pork, every bit of our 150 years sausage making experience is used to perfectly prepare, season and flavour the meat. We choose only the best cuts that make a really juicy sausage – selected from British farms that meet good welfare standards. Some of the detail is secret, but among other things it involves Demerara sugar, nutmeg, just a tad of salt and plenty of spicy, warming pepper.

Living a 'free from' life

More people than ever before are finding they have food intolerances and sensitivities. Sometimes this is a medical diagnosis, but many of us have just discovered through trial and error that we feel better when we cut out these ingredients. We still want to eat well and conveniently, but without the ingredients that make us unwell.



We know a little about making sausages for people with common food intolerances and sensitivities. The Harrogate 97% Pork Sausage has been one of the best known and most popular wheat, gluten and dairy free sausages for over 15 years. Our rule is to start and end with taste and no compromise!

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[i] Kantar WorldPanel research Caramelised Red Onion & Pork is the 4th best selling sausage in the UK.