Llanwddyn photo copydebbie&andrew’s donation boots up the fundraising

Following a sell out weekend, the organisers of the Llanwyddn festival are celebrating an outstanding event, thanks to help from us! The ‘welly good’ sausage makers not only provided financial support to help promote the event, but also provided free sausages to help fortify organisers and attendees over the weekend. The combination of activities included craft fair, barbecue, celidh and throughout the weekend there were performances from local musicians mixed with favourite visiting bands – the whole mix proved top of the pops for the festival-goers.

Risky Business 1Ruth Powell, the Llanwyddn festival organiser, said “There was a great vibe – it was a really big event for a small place and we’re so proud of the way it went. We would like to say a massive thank you to all who attended the festival, it was a really enjoyable and special weekend. We are delighted and overwhelmed with the amount of support from the local residents and businesses. We were over the moon when debbie&andrew’s kindly offered to support our fundraising efforts and helped us reach our target.”

The yearly Llanwddyn festival is described by locals as far more than just a weekend full of good music. The money raised from the festival goes towards other community events, children’s parties, the village flowers and general upkeep of the village. The festival turned out to be such a big hit that many of the hotels and b&b’s are re-booked for next year which is great for the local economy. Residents are saying it has turned the village into a proper community again. Ian Bagnall from debbie&andrew’s said: “debbie&andrew’s is committed to supporting community projects that share good food. debbie&andrew’s aims to provide a ‘Real Taste of the Country’ and the Llanwddyn festival certainly brought this idea to life, from the community bbq to the craft fair, celidh and of course fantastic music”.

Cor Pen Y Bont Fawr copyMicro sponsorship opportunities for other event fundraisers

Other event fundraisers are invited to follow in the musical ways of the Llanwdynn festival and apply for micro sponsorship support from debbie&andrew’s. The idea behind micro sponsorships is to provide valuable financial support to fund raisers who would not normally attract corporate sponsorship, but for whom even small amounts of money can make a large difference.

Money is awarded to fundraisers for anything from a new community centre or sports pavilion to the maintenance of landscapes or landmarks. Awards range from £50 to £1,000, depending on the size of the project. The micro sponsorships not only provide funds but also free debbie&andrew’s sausages for charity bbq’s or community meals. In addition they provide the chance to promote the work of specific charities to debbie&andrew’s 50,000 strong fan base through its newsletter, website, twitter and facebook pages.

Organisations interested in applying for a micro sponsorship, which must be used within a year of the award, can download an application form here!

Amount donated by debbie&andrew's: £500
Total amount raised: £1000