Ball gowns and welly boots: Hampshire Young Farmers in fundraising mode with help from debbie&andrew’s

The Hampshire Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (HFYFC) are really giving their fund-raising some extra welly in their 70th anniversary year. With help from our micro sponsorship scheme (£750), the HFYFC has invested in pop-up banners and the creation of a new website in order to improve their fund raising capabilities. 

The ball, together with an anniversary auction, harvest supper and ploughing match are just some of the fund raising activities the debbie&andrew’s money is supporting. Ben Robinson, Chairman of the Hampshire Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs said: “Our aim is to help young people living in rural areas, whether they live on farms or not. We provide training to further careers and skills, we run competitions to improve team building and leadership and we host social events where people make lifelong friends.  All the activities from our 70th anniversary will raise funds for these activities and we are delighted to have received debbie&andrew’s support in this”.
 Hampshire-Young Farmers-Ball-052 copy