lyarn bombing debbie andrews

Staff, students and parents from Rowdeford school received a welcome boost to their fundraising from debbie&andrew’s recently. Their spectacular yarn bombing of the trees, bridges, benches and signposts around the site of their Rowdeford Garden Fair celebrated its 10th anniversary near Devizes on Sunday 17th May, in aid of fundraising for special schools in Wiltshire.

Yarn bombing (also called yarn storming or grafffiti knitting) is a way of creatively dressing a public space with yarn or wool! Yarn bombers have inspired us….have a look at these fabulous creations on our pinterest board if you are wondering what it's all about.

Kate Walling, one of the organisers said: "The local community has already donated a magnificent amount of wool, but the micro sponsorship from debbie&andrew’s meant we could really push the boat out with colours and textures to make even more of an impact. We received loads of compliments for the way the site had been transformed, and offers to buy some of the work when it is taken down next week."

Some of the publicity we helped arrange was shown in Gazette & Herald, Wiltshire Times, Swindon Advertiser, Wiltshire Business and the Wiltshire Star, helping promote the school further. More of the photos can also be found on our pinterest board!

Amount donated by debbie&andrew's: £200.00
Final amount raised: £12,000.00 (a record breaker!)