lmm hampshire young farmers debbie andrewsThe Hampshire Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (HFYFC) has received an extra boost to its 70th Anniversary celebrations with a £750 micro-sponsorship award from debbie&andrew’s.

This award will maximise the HFYFC’s fundraising efforts over the course of the anniversary year. Money raised will be funnelled into local events and activities in Hampshire, enabling young people to network, socialise and support each other.

We love everything the HFYFC are doing this year and we want to encourage rural networking and activities that improve life in the countryside through our micro-sponsorships. 

Charles Polak of Hampshire Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs said: “This is great news for everyone in Hampshire. HFYFC is a charity designed to improve the lives of young people living in this region. Whether members are from a farm or just have a passion for the countryside we cater for them all. We provide training to further careers and skills, we run competitions to improve team building and leadership and we host social events where people make lifelong friends.”

To mark the major milestone of its 70th anniversary, the HFYFC is hosting events such as anniversary auction, a special Summer Ball, a ploughing match and a harvest supper. debbie&andrew’s seed funding enables these events to be promoted throughout the county through the production of promotional pop-up banners and the creation of a new website. Charles added: “In addition to the micro-sponsorship, debbie&andrew’s is also providing £50 of free sausages for our Harvest Supper fundraising event, which will be used to create a hearty casserole.  We’re all looking forward to tucking in to the best of British sausages while raising valuable money for the charity.”