Are you leading a free from life You might like to read this  The debbie&andrew’s team learn about ‘free from’

Last year at The Allergy and Free From Show, we were stunned by how important our Harrogate 97% Pork Sausages were to many, many people suffering from allergies and intolerances. We met our first gluten free blogger, Le Coin de Mel, who developed some lovely recipes for her readers, and it started a ball rolling!

Since then, we found out 20% of us are lactose intolerant and 15% of households are gluten avoiders, so we launched another wheat free, gluten free and dairy free flavour, Caramelised Red Onion Sausages, available in Asda. These have caused a storm, getting publicity in The Daily Mail, The Grocer, Eating and Living Gluten Free, Woman and Home, Choice, Foods You Can, Crossed Grain and getting rave reviews with bloggers like Come Dine with Rach, The English Kitchen and Fighting Fifty. Even Caroline Quentin tweeted her delight!

Not only that, we sent chilled packs to a lucky ten of our Super Fans, who thought they were wonderful too! (If you are also a Super Fan, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can ask for your help in the future).

We've been working tirelessly to keep the same perfect taste, bite, texture and aroma, and we’ve finally cracked it – our well-loved Perfect Pork and Perfect Cumberland Sausages are now gluten, wheat and dairy free! The new versions are in stores now – see stockists here and pick up a coupon here!


Stephanie Lashford

With so many customers who struggle with their allergies and intolerances, we became aware of a growing number of people who are looking to food to fix or prevent illness. Introducing Stephanie Lashford of the Sanford Clinic! Stephanie has helped over 4000 patients back to health through her simple, natural nutrition and lifestyle advice.

Four of our customers won a private consultation with Stephanie, who each had a different situation that was causing them problems, and they hadn't been ablestephanie-lashford-cover to fix these problems with medical advice.

We felt genuinely amazed at the response our four winners had to Stephanie. Nervously they had completed their forms and turned up, with various ailments from osteoporosis to chronic pain, we even had an 8 year old patient who is following a free from lifestyle but suffers from various illnesses. It bought alive the notion that not only ‘you are what you eat’, but ‘you feel what you eat’, mentally and physically. We underestimate how food can transform our lives.

One of our winners has their life turned around, and whist it has been a hard journey so far, she is so grateful to have embarked upon it: “My pain is down by about 3/4, I am sleeping so much better, and am actually looking forward to a positive future for the first time in years. I am only 2 months in - what will I be like 6 months from now? It has been difficult; as I have been quite weak and emotional but Stephanie is now happy for me to gradually introduce more foods into my diet so I will, hopefully, have a bit more strength. I am so grateful to have been introduced to Stephanie, I truly believe you have both been instrumental in changing my life. Definitely run the competition again- there is someone out there just like me waiting to be given their life back!!! Will be having your sausages in 2 days time- can't wait!!!”


The Allergy and Free From Show 2015

debbie&andrew's at The Allergy ShowGF Gathering wins our sausages #BestBangers

This fantastic show saw a huge increase in visitors this year, and was the biggest and best yet! Teaming up with Udi’s, Ceri Jones and Stephanie Lashford, we had a lot to offer our guests. GF Gathering, top London gluten free blogger won a years supply of sausages, saying the sausage sandwich seriously saved her lunch at the show! Various bloggers mentioned us after the show: Free From Heaven, Live Gluten Free and Talk Health and it was the busiest we’ve been on the whole roadshow!




Free From Recipes by Ceri JonesFree From Recipes with Ceri Jones

We are over the moon with our new Free From & Full of Flavour Recipe Booklet with Natural Chef, Ceri Jones. We wanted something specific for our Free From
customers, including a special dietary key and a coupon, and this has been in much demand. Stuffed peppers, a salad, toad in the hole, courgetti and Farinata - enough to tickle your fancy, and suits most free from diets. Ceri has also answered some of our customers burning free from cooking questions here.




Udi’s Gluten FreeUdi's at The Allergy and Free From Show

Udi's Gluten Free bread complements our sausages so well, that if you meet us on our roadshow, it's Udi's you'll be eating if you're after a gluten free option. We’ve teamed up on a couple of recipes, and even gave 500 fans a coupon pack in the summer!




The Gluten Free Centre and debbie&andrew'sThe Gluten Free Centre

Coeliac UK is the main charity that aims to help the half a million people in the UK who may be living with undiagnosed celiac disease. Dedicating our micro sponsorship scheme in May to Coeliac Awareness Month, we offered support to fund raisers. The Gluten Free Centre set out on one of the Awareness Walks that were organised at various locations in the UK on the 16th May by Coeliac UK and lead by HF Holidays. Their aim was to raise £1,000 and our ‘coeliac awareness’ micro sponsorship helped them meet their goal. We were happy to support a walk that put ‘the best boot forward’ in aid of such a good cause!

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