sausage-plaitThe Easter holiday looks like a bit of a gamble weather-wise, but one absolutely safe bet is that sausages make a great bank holiday meal! Easy to prepare, suitable for breakfast and supper, in fact any time of day. If you’re catering for a crowd, debbie&andrew’s Harrogate 97% is free from gluten, wheat or dairy, so great for those with food sensitivities.

So however you build up your appetite this bank holiday, from a walk in the woods to a paddle by the seaside, remember that bangers are the ideal meal for when you get back in!    

Gluten Free Sausage Plait

Our recipe of the month is a great favourite to keep in the larder or fridge for any visitors who drop by over the Easter break or just to feed up peckish friends or family!  If you’re going out for a brisk picnic, perhaps at a point to point or for an early spring break to the seaside, this plait travels well and is a brilliant on-the-spot solution for hungry appetites. It is especially delicious with a side helping of chutney or tomato relish.

Win an Easter Goody Bag

We had such amazing response to our Mother's Day Goody Bag with Victoria Eggs, that we have decided to celebrate Easter with the British designer!

First prize is this framed typographic English Dinner print which uses vintage-inspired typography to list favourite English meals! And a lucky runner up with receive a set of tea towels, inspired by Victoria Eggs' own jam packed fridge which is always bursting with jars and bottles of tasty sauces and chutneys. Each prize also includes 3 packs of debbie&andrew’s sausages and a recipe book, good luck!

To enter, visit our Twitter or Facebook pages and like the Facebook competition post on debbie&andrew's fan page ( and post a comment answering the question included in the post. On Twitter, retweet the competition and follow @d_a_sausages. Ends Weds 15th April 18:00.