Rich in taste and gluten and dairy free - yum!

Sausage Cassoulet debbie andrews harrogateBleak January days aren’t much fun, especially when everyone’s watching their budget. But with our help, it is still easy to come up with a warming and delicious dish that doesn't cost a fortune – and which everyone can eat. That’s because it is made with Harrogate 97% Pork Sausages which are wheat, gluten and dairy free.  Perfect for people with the more frequently occuring food allergies!  This cassoulet uses plenty of vegetables alongside really meaty sausages so it is properly filling.  
debbie&andrew’s sausage cassoulet
We borrowed inspiration from a hearty french recipe, developed by people who know a thing or two about providing ‘a real taste of the country’ - just like us! But this has a British twist as it is based on good old fashioned Harrogate 97% Pork Sausages made with the best cuts of British Pork, straightforward seasoning and not a lot else. These sausages go beautifully with the baked vegetables and creamy beans which provide extra richness to the dish – without costing a lot.
Sausage Cassoulet debbie andrews harrogate-close    
Cassoulet is basically a stew or casserole and is named after the earthenware dish in which it is traditionally cooked.  Originating in the area of Languedoc, the towns that claim to have first come up with this meaty dish are Toulouse, Carcassonne and Castelnaudray.  All are also known as excellent centres for the game of rugby, and if the players are powered by years of feasting on this hearty dish, it’s not surprising they do well in the sport!
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