A cow, 2 pigs, a vintage tractor and some haybale sofas later…It would appear that hot sausage sarnies, on a very very cold day (the first cold day of Autumn?!) go down very well. Especially when they are bought with tweets, not cash!

When we started planning this ’tweet-to-eat’ kitchen in August, combined with the lovely weather last week, we didn’t anticipate the COLD! However this made our bangers even more alluring to the crowds of city workers and tourists who found the most frugal way of eating yesterday in central London!

We met some great people and had a lot of fun - with 2000 sausages sizzled up on the bbq, let’s just say the rain only dampened appetites for a short while!

Don't worry, you can see what happened here, or look at some of the photos on our Pinterest page!

We would like to say a special thank you to Richard and Josien (photographed), who made a special trip from Liverpool, just because they loved our sausages so much!

Some of our favourite tweets – search #ideserveasausage

We popped up, we were tweeted, and we served sausages!

  • Thank you @d_a_sausages, I was starving! #tweettoeat. Amazing sausage sandwich!
  • @d_a_sausages I'm going to buy some of your sausages #lush
  • Thanks for the sausages they were great @d_a_sausages. Choripan is always appreciated!
  • Delicious sausage sandwich from debbie and andrew's. Thanks! Just what I needed to see me home @d_a_sausages
  • Considering we only set up our Twitter account (so we could receive tweets for sausages) around 3 weeks ago, we are over the moon with how popular the idea was, and will continue to reward our loyal customers with competitions, vouchers and lovely recipes on our Twitter and our Facebook pages! Sausages aren’t just for sandwiches, after all!

    We would like to wish everyone a very Happy British Sausage Week, and safe Guy Fawkes planning!