Going home for a debbie and andrew's sausage supper

So the summer’s nearly over and the new term looms. It’s the start of many firsts, the first day at school, first time asking friends home, the first sleep-over. It’s a time when a favourite meal can be really comforting. debbie&andrew’s sausages offer a real taste of the country that you can count on to hit the spot with youngsters, whether its a hearty pre-school breakfast, a comforting lunch box or a celebratory ‘welcome home’ tea!

Harrogate Wheat Gluten & Dairy Free Sausages Perfect for Tea time

debbie and andrews one pot sausage hash

For that first ‘can I bring a friend home’ tea or sleepover, it’s really important to have a meal that everyone can eat. Recent research shows that sausages are the top favourite single ingredient for an evening meal. With debbie&andrew’s Harrogate 97% sausage, there is a wheat, dairy and gluten free option. They make a meal that everyone loves and even children with frequently occuring food sensitivites are happy eating them.

debbie & andrew’s: great for sharing with friends at any mealtime

debbie & andrew's sleepover sausage breakfast

Whether it’s a sleep over breakfast, a sausage sandwich lunch or a simple bangers and mash supper, debbie & andrew’s promise to provide a ‘real taste of the country’. To achieve this they use only the best meat from welfare compliant British farms, simply combined with top quality ingredients to make really delicious sausages.

The commitment to rural values extends beyond working with British farmers . debbie & andrew’s support also goes to community projects that are based in the countryside or support rural communities. These micro-sponsorships offer seed funds for events or activities that support country life.