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Is your fundraiser right for a micro sponsorship?

debbie&andrew’s support is aimed at local or grass root fundraisers for whom even a small injection of cash could make a significant difference. We are calling this support a ‘micro sponsorship’. Awards can range from £50 to £1000 in cash, plus free product for use in charity meals or barbecues.

Lots of projects and organisations have already benefitted, we are really proud to be associated with all this fantastic fundraising:

  • The Addington Fund, creating breakfast events to help local farmers build business networks
  • Helping the oldest charity shop Imago in Tunbridge Wells, who help communities become stronger
  • Helping a rural Welsh village become a community again with the Llanwyddn Music Festival

To see all the other projects, click here!

Any fundraiser in aid of local activities and communities and which brings ‘A Real Taste of the Country’ to life can qualify. So long as the money raised is for a good cause that is supported locally and embodies country-inspired activities, skills, crafts, values or ideas.

It could be raising money for local team kits; refurbishing the sports pavilion; maintaining a local park or landmark; setting up a gardening club; buying school equipment; building an animal sanctuary; launching community cooking courses; repainting the church hall; promoting the village fete; holding a street party; staging a music concert or arts festival or creating a local support network.For fundraisers like these, debbie&andrew’s micro sponsorship scheme is here to help.debbie&andrew’s ethos is to support rural values and the countryside. This is not just by making sausages that provide ‘A Real Taste of the Country’. It also includes sourcing the best quality meat from British farmers for their delicious sausages plus ensuring these farms meet good welfare standards. Beyond this again, it means supporting projects that promote rural values and community life.


Does your project qualify?

Any small or grass roots project that has local community support can apply. Awards will be made based on the reach and relevance of the fundraiser and the scope of the money given to optimise the money raised. Each application should therefore demonstrate a good base of local support and provide a clear proposal for how the funds are to be spent. Applications on behalf of established charities or organisations are welcome, so long as it is submitted by the local organisers and the micro sponsorship is spent on the fundraising activity and not given direct to the charity.


Micro sponsorship awards

Each successful applicant will receive a cheque of up to £1000 to be used within a year of the award. In addition, up to £50 of debbie&andrew’s produce can be provided for use in activities such as fundraising or networking meals, launch events or social activity to promote the cause. As micro sponsorships, debbie&andrew’s require applications to indicate how the micro sponsorships will be recognised and acknowledged.



The Awarding panel will be made up of representatives from debbie&andrew’s plus (where relevant) a representative from partner organisations or media involved in promoting the micro sponsorships.For more information and the terms and conditions for nominating your project, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Download Application Form Download Terms & Conditions


Great Goat Race Spitalfields City Farm Micro SponsorshipWe are delighted to report that the Cambridge and Oxford Goat Race at Spitalfields City Farm was a complete success! With 1100 tickets sold, everyone had a fantastic day at the sell out event. As well as the goat race, there was a mini festival atmosphere and the farm was buzzing. The champion of the day was Oxford's entry Hamish who took home the gold for his third year in a row.

Incredibly with the support of our micro sponsorship, the team raised more money than ever before at the Goat Race, excelling last year's total by £3000!

Delighted organiser Mhairi Weir commented, 'We raised a staggering £15,100, that is absolutely brilliant, we couldn't be more pleased. That is our animal feed and bedding for the year all covered. I'm delighted that debbie&andrew's could be involved and congratulations on a great sell out day and thank you for all the support you have put in as well.'

Our PR team helped the event gain publicity in various news outlets, helping the ticket sales and awareness of the farm. 

We are looking for other local, grass roots fundraisers for whom even a small injection of support can make a significant difference. The micro sponsorships are available to any fund raising activity that supports local communities or which shares or promotes countryside skills, crafts, values or ideas. For more information, click here.


Suffolk Young Farmers Country Fair...and celebrates the Harrogate 97% Pork sausage gaining a starring role in Sainsbury’s East Anglian stores!

The Suffolk Young Farmers’ Club is delighted to announce that we are supporting its 2016 Country Fair to be held at Easton Farm Park, Wickham Market, Suffolk IP13 0EQ on April 17th. The show will feature lots of family friendly activities and traditional country fair attractions. There will be a tractor beauty parade; dog and horse show; arts and crafts stands and much more. For more details, go to 

We're delighted to encourage everyone to pull on their wellies and put their best boot forward to support the Suffolk Young Farmers Country Fair!

Our £750.00 micro sponsorship award has been used by the Suffolk Young Farmers to promote the Fair, which is the main fund raising event for the organisation. The money raised will be spent on good causes throughout the county including networking activities, raising the profile of country skills and businesses and supporting young people throughout the region.

The organisation is open to all, not just farmers and is one of the most active young people’s network in the county!



Get your wellies on!

We're supporting a series of charity walks, organised by Coeliac UK to mark Coeliac UK Awareness Week. The aim is to increase awareness of coeliac disease and raise funds for campaigns, support and research into the causes and possible cures for the condition. We are supporting with £2000 in micro sponsorship funding to match funds raised by each walk.

Harrogate 97% Pork Sausages were one of the first wheat, dairy and gluten free sausages to be launched over 16 years ago. We now make all our most popular premium sausages ‘free from’. We are completely committed to making life easier and healthier for people who suffer from coeliac disease. So we’re encouraging everyone to pull on their wellies and put their best boot forward for this great cause!

The Gluten Free CentreThe official Coeliac UK Awareness Week Walks are taking place in Dovedale, Brecon, Bourton-on-the-Water, Abingworth and Lulworth. The first 20 teams or individuals to raise £100 will generate a matching £100 from us for their efforts. In 2015, a team from Gloucester based ‘The Gluten Free Centre’ took part in the 12-mile walk near Bourton-on-the-Water. They wanted to raise £1,000 and were able to take advantage of our micro sponsorship to help them meet their goal. The walks are already creating a buzz, with outdoor adventure blogger FionaOutdoors encouraging people to join in. You can read her fantasitc blog post here. 

Diana Murphy, founder of The Gluten Free Centre said “Having coeliac disease myself, we are passionate about raising awareness and support Coeliac UK every way we can. We enjoyed a great day in the beautiful Cotswolds and the 12-mile distance was a good challenge for our team. We would encourage anyone to take part in the 2016 walks, not only for the lovely day out but also to support such a good cause.”

Coeliac Awareness Week has also gathered plenty of other coverage across the internet. Great British Food Magazine, Primary Times and Recipes from a Pantry are all helping to spread the word and encourage their readers to take part in the walks. 

aw-logo-with-websiteCoeliac UK’s Awareness Week Activity:
Issues relating to coeliac disease and gluten-free diets are getting more attention, but awareness is still poor regarding the symptoms and how they affect people differently before diagnosis. Problems most frequently arise when people link their symptoms to other conditions and try and manage the situation themselves without seeking help from their doctor. Understanding the disease and having a clear diagnosis empowers people and enables them to address symptoms more accurately and successfully. The aim of Coeliac UK’s Awareness Week is to highlight the benefits and advantages of achieving a clear diagnosis, both with sufferers and health care professionals. Go to to take an online assessment which will highlight if you should then go to your GP to be screened.

debbie&andrew’s May micro sponsorships support Coeliac UK’s Fundraising activity.
Our micro sponsorships are available throughout the year providing support for grass root fund raisers for whom a small cash award can make a big difference. For the whole of May, we are dedicating this scheme to Coeliac UK fund raising. Anyone interested in joining in the Coeliac UK Awareness Walks can register here and for details on our micro sponsorships, please click here.



A massive congratulations to Spitalfields City Farm who have received a £1000 micro sponsorship to help them with one of their fundraisers - The Oxford and Cambridge Goat Race!

The real race interesting Londoners over the Easter weekend won't take place on the water at all. Coinciding with the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race, Spitalfields City Farm's galloping goats, Hamish and Hazel will be donning the light and dark blue colours in a head to head race to settle who is the fastest goat in the East (end of London). With the City skyline in the background and surrounded by their supporters (two cows, four donkeys, a small crowd of chickens and the odd sheep), Hamish and Hazel have been getting into top form for the race, building up their stamina and practicing for the finish.

The Oxford and Cambridge Goat Race is the main feature of Spitalfields City Farm's annual Spring festival which will feature all sorts of goat-themed music, comedy and games. There will also be food stalls and activities that introduce families and visitors to all elements of the farm, from the gardening and produce to how the animals are managed.

Ian Bagnall from debbie&andrew's commented. "We want a fair race, no if's or butts and no gruff behaviour from our Billy Goats! This is a fantastic event in a great cause and we are delighted to be supporting it".

Tickets are available at and more information can be found at

For more information and to put a local community project forward for debbie&andrew's micro sponsorship scheme, click here.

The population of pollinating bees is falling – not just honey bees but also the indigenous species such as the red mason bee. They all play a vital role in farming, supporting the environment and simply making our gardens grow. Praise Bee is a brilliant charity based in Shrewsbury that supports the mason bee in particular. From creating nests to breeding bees with the aim of repopulating sites, this charity is as busy as the bee it supports.

To help Praise Bee, we have awarded it a £630.00 micro sponsorship to promote a fund raising and awareness event held in Shrewsbury in the Summer. Our sausages will be sizzling away on a charity bbq to help attract and encourage locals to support this important cause.

Viv Marsh from Praise Bee commented. "The red mason bee does not make honey, so it is not aggressive and has no reason to sting. But it plays a vital role in pollination. We work in two ways, creating a breeding population of bees then finding new homes for them. We work with the Church of England, the NHS, the Royal Air Force and local schools inviting them to provide a new base for our bees to live. We will be using debbie&andrew's award to advertise our fund raising activity, generating money to create new bee's nests and to buy seeds to create bee-friendly habitats around Shrewsbury. This award is the real 'bees knees' for us!".

The micro sponsorship also has another important role to play, acting as a pilot project which Bee Praise hopes will attract others to support its cause. The charity also works with schools to educate pupils about the importance of bees and how to protect them. The Bee Praise re-population programme is also contributing to an important research project undertaken by Harper Adams University, investigating how to secure the future for these important insects.

Ian Bagnall from debbie&andrew's commented. "We aim to bring A Real Taste of the Country to life through our micro sponsorships, and what could be more part of country life than the buzzing of bees as they forage for nectar and pollen. It is amazing what a big difference such as small thing can make. Rather like our micro sponsorships which seek to support small grass roots fundraisers who make such a big difference to the communities they support. We are delighted to be working with Praise Bee and look forward to learning a lot more about mason bees!"

We are looking for other local, grass roots fundraisers for whom even a small injection of support can make a significant difference. The micro sponsorships are available to any fund raising activity that supports local communities or which shares or promotes countryside skills, crafts, values or ideas. For more information, click here.

Photo by Penny Frith

Addington Fund supported by debbie&andrew's 

The Addington Fund supports farmers in times of emergency or hardship. It provides advice and support and in the worst case scenario, an alternative place to live. The Addington Fund is organising a series of eight fundraising Farmhouse Breakfasts, from County Durham to Cornwall through January and February 2016. The 'welly good' sausage makers at debbie&andrew's have stepped in to set the breakfasts asizzle with free sausages provided under their micro sponsorship scheme which supports fundraisers that bring 'A Real Taste of the Country' to life.

Ian Bell, CEO of the Addington Fund commented. "Our breakfast bonanza is inspired by Breakfast Week. This is a great platform to showcase the wealth of wonderful foods our farmers produce, all of which provide the perfect start to the day. We are delighted that debbie&andrew's sausages will be on our Farmhouse Breakfast menu to bring a little extra sizzle to our guests' day."

The Addington Fund is also using the breakfast events to help local farmers build business networks. More than ever, a successful farmer has to be involved in a wider network of contacts in order to promote his business. Each regional event aims to connect farmers with local retailers, hotels and restaurants, banks, business advisors, accountants and lawyers. So not only are the events raising money for the Addington Fund and boosting awareness of British produce, they are also encouraging the development of local rural business networks.

Ian Bagnall, spokesman for debbie&andrew's added, "We feel that Addington's Farmhouse Breakfast events epitomise 'A Real Taste of Country' supporting farmers, highlighting what great British produce can be eaten at     breakfast, and bring rural business people together. We are delighted to join the regional supporters and hosts to
support these excellent events".

Following the success of the events, the Addington Fund's Georgi Curtis reflected, 'Our breakfasts in Devon and Cornwall went better than we could ever have expected and the debbie&andrew's sausages went down a storm. At our Ashcombe Breakfast, the lady who arranged the cooking informed me that they 'only' use d&a sausages for all their events! It was nice to see so many people enjoying a proper breakfast and making time to sit and chat to friends and neighbours. We raised over £6000 from last week, all of which will support farming families dealing with problems outside their control. Thank you debbie&andrew's for making our events possible, helping to produce a delicious meal enjoyed by all and raising funds for less fortunate families.'



We recently helped Kent based Imago with their latest initiative - to open a charity shop in Tunbridge Wells - with the help of a one of our micro sponsorships. The project will bring new life to Tunbridge Wells oldest charity shop, and provide a valuable accredited retail training scheme and development opportunities for the local community. We also provided some of our delicious sausages to feed the volunteers, staff and beneficiaries of the charity's Young Carers and Short Breaks schemes at their local Christmas party.

Imago believes that communities can be made stronger and individuals can become more able to face change and challenge with just a little bit of help. The charity's work ranges from providing Short Breaks for young, disadvantage or disabled people in Kent, to helping people at the other end of their lifespan remain safe and independent in their homes.

The charity also runs Volunteer Centres and the latest venture of an Imago Charity Shop will raise funds to support and expand the work of the charity overall. Caroline Shaw, Chief Executive said "we are delighted that the team at debbie&andrew's is supporting us. Their micro sponsorship scheme aims to keep local communities strong by supporting grass roots activities. This ties in so well with our passion for enabling people and communities to reach their full potential".

Our micro sponsorship scheme supports small projects for whom a small amount of money can make a big difference. If you have a project that you think could do with a helping hand from us, please click here for more information.

Llanwddyn photo copydebbie&andrew’s donation boots up the fundraising

Following a sell out weekend, the organisers of the Llanwyddn festival are celebrating an outstanding event, thanks to help from us! The ‘welly good’ sausage makers not only provided financial support to help promote the event, but also provided free sausages to help fortify organisers and attendees over the weekend. The combination of activities included craft fair, barbecue, celidh and throughout the weekend there were performances from local musicians mixed with favourite visiting bands – the whole mix proved top of the pops for the festival-goers.

Risky Business 1Ruth Powell, the Llanwyddn festival organiser, said “There was a great vibe – it was a really big event for a small place and we’re so proud of the way it went. We would like to say a massive thank you to all who attended the festival, it was a really enjoyable and special weekend. We are delighted and overwhelmed with the amount of support from the local residents and businesses. We were over the moon when debbie&andrew’s kindly offered to support our fundraising efforts and helped us reach our target.”

The yearly Llanwddyn festival is described by locals as far more than just a weekend full of good music. The money raised from the festival goes towards other community events, children’s parties, the village flowers and general upkeep of the village. The festival turned out to be such a big hit that many of the hotels and b&b’s are re-booked for next year which is great for the local economy. Residents are saying it has turned the village into a proper community again. Ian Bagnall from debbie&andrew’s said: “debbie&andrew’s is committed to supporting community projects that share good food. debbie&andrew’s aims to provide a ‘Real Taste of the Country’ and the Llanwddyn festival certainly brought this idea to life, from the community bbq to the craft fair, celidh and of course fantastic music”.

Cor Pen Y Bont Fawr copyMicro sponsorship opportunities for other event fundraisers

Other event fundraisers are invited to follow in the musical ways of the Llanwdynn festival and apply for micro sponsorship support from debbie&andrew’s. The idea behind micro sponsorships is to provide valuable financial support to fund raisers who would not normally attract corporate sponsorship, but for whom even small amounts of money can make a large difference.

Money is awarded to fundraisers for anything from a new community centre or sports pavilion to the maintenance of landscapes or landmarks. Awards range from £50 to £1,000, depending on the size of the project. The micro sponsorships not only provide funds but also free debbie&andrew’s sausages for charity bbq’s or community meals. In addition they provide the chance to promote the work of specific charities to debbie&andrew’s 50,000 strong fan base through its newsletter, website, twitter and facebook pages.

Organisations interested in applying for a micro sponsorship, which must be used within a year of the award, can download an application form here!

Amount donated by debbie&andrew's: £500
Total amount raised: £1000