Established in 1999 by the original Debbie and Andrew, in just over 17 years, our sausages have grown from the farmhouse table to a nationwide family favourite.

Now produced by renowned sausage specialists, W.A. Turner (click here to see a video about how we make our sausages), our passion for our products is as intense now as it was when our brand first started. We have a 150 year history in sausage making and we’re committed to delivering great tasting sausages, simply made to give a real taste of the country.

We are driven by a simple passion to make delicious, award winning sausages. Our commitment to A Real Taste of the Country goes beyond supporting British farmers from British Red Tractor assured farms, also inspiring us to support rural projects that bring communities together. If you'd like to see if your project qualifies, please click here

commited to dilivering great tasting sausages


Brand history

2000: debbie&andrew's sausages are launched by the original Debbie and Andrew, whose wellie boots will become the brand’s trademark

2005: Debbie and Andrew sell the brand to JJ Tranfield

2006: Using the new owner’s larger reach and additional retail expertise the brand is distributed into larger supermarkets. The founders remain with the business; celebrating its success and enjoying developing and launching new products

2007: JJ Tranfield plus debbie&andrew's brand is acquired by Vion group. Debbie and Andrew remain directors and continue to lead the brand’s development

2012: Debbie and Andrew resign from the business, having successfully taken the brand from the farmhouse table to nationwide distribution

2013: ABP Foods (a privately owned family business) buy debbie&andrew's and place it within W.A. Turner, the sausage specialists with 150 years’ experience


W.A. Turner History

  • Founded in 1852 in Stowmarket, Suffolk by the Turner family, who specialise in sausage making
  • The modern business developed in 1971, when the organisation expanded after bringing in a new partner and attracting additional investment and expertise
  • In 1972 the business relocated to Tunbridge Wells, already a renowned centre for sausage making, thanks to Walls Sausages
  • Retaining its reputation for quality, W.A. Turner is now located within the ABP group of companies and enjoys a great amount of support from its parent organisation, whilst still maintaining its regional roots and specialist business ethos

W.A. Turner is committed to the highest production and animal welfare standards, investing in all major certified standards including the British Retail Consortium Global Standards for Food Production and the relevant Association of British Meat Producers Association standards for British Quality products.