Real Flavour & Country Living

Everyone at debbie&andrew’s works with the philosophy of its founders, a farming couple who’s wellie boots are still proudly featured on everything we do. They had an inspiring idea and it is still inspiring us today – simply to make satisfying and succulent sausages that offer ‘A Real Taste of the Country’. Click here to see a video showing how we make our sausages.

We are driven by a simple passion to make delicious, award winning sausages. Our commitment to A Real Taste of the Country goes beyond supporting British farmers, also inspiring us to support rural projects that bring communities together. If you'd like to see if your project qualifies, please click here.

Our History

The success of the brand reflects the growth in demand for sausages that use great ingredients, quality meat and which reflect rural appetites, regional food histories or seasonal harvests. The original founders sold the brand some time ago and in 2013 it came to WA Turner, who has been making sausages for over 150 years. Based in Kent, WA Turner is part of the ABP Food Group.

Hotdogs on the BBQ

Our Food

Everyone at debbie&andrew’s today is completely dedicated to delivering the most delicious sausages that are meaty, tasty and filling. The Harrogate 97% Pork sausages still uses the original recipe that was developed around the farmhouse kitchen table. Our Perfect Pork sausages were inspired by fans who asked debbie&andrew’s for an everyday sausage made from really juicy meat, beautifully seasoned to bring out the flavour. As a result, Perfect Pork sausages currently hold three major awards for quality. We only ever use British meat from British farms which meet Red Tractor standards and we always apply the rules of good country food in all our work; using great ingredients mixed with the most succulent meat and plenty of it! All this is then seasoned and turned into sausages.

Supporting the countryside and rural areas

To celebrate and share its success, debbie&andrew’s has set up a micro-sponsorship scheme to support the countryside and rural projects at grass roots level. A ‘Taste of the Countryside’ is at the heart of the brand inspiring hearty, succulent sausages and it also inspires us to support projects that bring a taste of the countryside to life - we take enquiries here!